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PrestaSkill connects each learn with their purpose in the process of discovering and benefiting from career growth opportunities.

Edu for Life Methodology

A unique and well-rounded approach to accompany your skill development efforts

  • Access your curriculum on PrestaLearn, your mobile app configured for your learning need
  • A unique learner centric model
  • Partners with key stakeholders in the development of employability
  • Blended learning solution
  • Leveraging technology for greater results
  • Online learning with hands-on experience
  • Assess progress on PrestaMax

Complete Service Offer Details:

PrestaSkill provides an a la carte menu of blended learning experiences that transcends barriers to help learners Discover, Develop and Deploy their skills for career growth. Based on a very comprehensive Competency Development Framework, the PrestaSkill methodology leverages western and eastern approaches to development that users can access right on their hand held devices.