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As the economy will move from recession to expansion, leaders will shift their focus from cost cutting to growth stimulating maneuvers. While launching new products and services can be immediately mimicked by competition, providing extraordinary customer service will be a key differentiator to stay ahead of competition. Perceptive companies are increasingly looking to their customers to drive growth by tailoring offerings to customers’ unique needs. The problem many companies face, however, is to do so without incurring heavy costs and and complex processes. Building a truly customer-centric organization is the solution, and PrestaServe has been exclusively designed towards this end.

Customer Service Ultra

Customer Delight as Competitive Advantage

  • Get your customer centricity score on PrestaMax
  • Integrate your own customer service manual into PrestaLearn – your own learning app
  • Work out your own Moment of Truth analysis
  • Multi-modal pedagogy
  • Live project support
  • Build customer service leadership using PrestaCoach
  • As an addon, allow us to script your customer interaction manuals

Complete Service Offer Details:

This blended learning program will increase your knowledge and ability to:  

  • Benefit from the latest in learning in extraordinary customer service  
  • Design ‘ultra’ customer service standards for your area of work and your sphere of influence 
  • Identify ways of building customer rapport in B2B and B2C situations 
  • Improve your listening skills in difficult customer situations 
  • Apply the principles of Customer Centricity both within the organization and outside  
  • Measure your department on the various parameters of Customer Centricity and work out an action plan  
  • Incorporate all of the above in your quest for Service to Customer