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PrestaSell is a revolution in the way we strengthen the fundamentals of sales and learn some of the most advanced and proven models that sales organizations have ever adopted. PrestaSell will clearly differentiate learners - as an organization and as individuals. The 16-week continuous learning program has been designed to bring a clear strategic advantage to your performance as a sales organization.

A 360 Degree Approach to Selling

Making every interaction count

  • Assess sales competency on PrestaMax
  • Access relevant content on PrestaLearn
  • Benefit from Self-assessment of selling styles
  • Focus on building a sales-drive organization
  • Proven success factors and deal breakers
  • Bigger, Better, Faster Sales – Result Proofed
  • All online exercise submissions cataloged for restricted group use

Complete Service Offer Details:

This modular learning program has been designed to take our sales force to the next level of high performance. This program series offers a 360-degree bundle of ideas, perspectives, and resources to prepare those in front-line sales and their managers for the realities of the new selling environment that is coming in faster than we are prepared for. The specially designed modules will bring insights and tools that will help us to navigate change, so that we are ahead of the change and leading the game.