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Anytime Learning. That is what PrestaLearn is all about. All our blended learning programs come with personalised access to a mobile app, making learning just a touch away. We have packed multiple methodologies into each learning journey so that your learning preferences are catered to.

  • Pre-assessment to help you gauge where you are
  • Pre-work to bring you at a higher level into the ILT sessions
  • Mobile Enabled Learning, with byte sized nuggets
  • Virtual Learning Session, led by industry experts
  • Outbound Experiential Learning
  • Job aids and templates to help implement learning
  • Online cohort learning
  • Post intervention drip learning

Complete Service Offer Details:

PrestaLearn – Your digital companion to learning, has been designed to accompany you in specific learning paths from a select range of bespoke learning programs to support your competency development initiatives.  

PrestaLearn works on the Discover, Develop, Deploy methodology. Our hand-picked assessments help you gauge your current competency levels before embarking on any chosen learning journey. Performance-oriented development experiences are blended in nature. All of these are available right in this app for users who have signed up for any learning journey.