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Bridges are a boon to travellers! They are built to help people 'bridge' the gap. And that is what PrestaBridge is all about. In your learning journey, PrestaBridge helps you prepare for your next milestone by focusing on the next level competencies relevant to your future job.

A Bridge for every Transition

Uniquely designed fast-track solution

  • Assessment based learning journey
  • LearningXpress for rapid transitions
  • Support in designing Career Paths
  • Counselling for Career Transitions

Complete Service Offer Details:

From the choices at hand, people are free to choose their career paths. Respecting those choices, PrestaBridge is designed to support transitions from one work level to another or even from one domain to another.

For each transition, we offer assessments to show you where you are with respect to your future role, and then you are free to carve out your learning journey to take you closer to your dream role.